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What are the little known places you'd recommend to a stranger in town? The best deli sandwiches, a small club with up and coming local musicians, best hiking trails to see the sunset, your favorite small museum -- let's hear about the places and things to do that you want more people to know about if they visit. It could be from your hometown, current town, favorite place to vacation, anywhere.

Please be careful to not identify your exact location, or a combination of your name, personal address, or any other identifying sensitive information. We encourage users to not offer to meet others during this event, and if you encounter any situation that makes you uncomfortable, please send a report right away. The reporting feature is identified by the flag icon, and can be found in a conversation by selecting the badge located at the top left of the site.

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Community Event Topic Suggestions

Tips for when you visit my home state/country of (general location)!

Looking for advice when visiting (general location) :)

Come experience the best (dish) you will have in (general location).

Little known spot to explore in (general location).

Offering tips for someone who enjoys (activity) in (general location).

What is it like to live in(general location)? Thinking about moving there.

What do the locals do in (general location)?

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