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We all want to feel a sense of belonging. Whether it's having someone to support you through hard times or having a regular crowd to eat lunch with, being a part of a group or being invited to outings are ways in which we feel safe and cared for. Loneliness, isolation, and fear of being left behind are universal feelings that affect even the most extroverted personalities. Everyone has ways to handle loneliness -- how do you cope with it? Exercise, personal hobbies, reaching out to family, Netflix? Let's find new ways to tackle isolation and build up our personal support system.

For this event, you only need to create a single topic and complete 3 total conversations. However, I encourage everyone to create more than one topic to get the party started.

Remember if you encounter any abuse, please look for the report button indicated by the flag icon or when in a conversation indicated by selecting the badge icon on the top left.

Happy Confiding ~ Nicholas & The KindVoice Community Team


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For our next event, we are planning on celebrating Pride, for LGBT Pride Month.  Please reach out if you would like to contribute to the event. We would love to include artists,  writers, or anyone who is able to provide guidance.

If you want to contribute to our mission, please send an email to and I'll let you know how you can help.

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Community Event Topic Suggestions

What has helped you overcome a feeling of loneliness?

How can I be more inclusive of others when I have difficulty socializing?

Does anyone have advice on making friends and connections after a move?

Available to offer guidance and advice on coping with loneliness.

Tell me about a time when you felt the most like you belonged in a group. Why do you think you felt that way?

What are some ways to start friendships with your classmates at university?

What are some ways to form friendships with your coworkers when entering a new job?

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