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The KindVoice Confidist Community Alpha Launch Event

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Hello ~ Thank you for taking an interest in the first ever Confidist Community Event. A very special shoutout and thank you to the moderators of the KindVoice subreddit and discord channel for being so welcoming and helpful during the past several months. The platform would not be nearly this far along without the confidence and motivation I received by this supportive and caring community.

Let me take a minute and introduce myself, and what my hope is for this new platform. My name is Nicholas Schiavi, and I am an experienced software engineer, passionate problem solver, and general optimist for the future with how technology can benefit humanity. I have been prototyping technologies and applications for long time, and like many entrepreneurs, have struggled to see an idea grow and flourish. This idea, however, has been a seed planted so deep in my mind that I have trouble sleeping because its potential for good is so great. The basic premise is very simple: authentic one-on-one conversations through online matchmaking. But what makes this idea special and different? Its core focus is increasing understanding between people and also extending a hand out of one's echo chamber and comfort zone to explore other world views.

KindVoice has been just that for people since its inception, an extended hand. A kind voice. An empathetic ear. A place of acceptance, understanding, and personal growth. The value of authentic private online conversation is already clear to the members of KindVoice. My hope is to introduce this platform to the KindVoice audience and learn and grow Confidist from this base. In the end, I hope this is a platform the brings enlightenment and joy to people with all kinds of interests and backgrounds, problems, and triumphs.

The event itself is very simple. A few goals will be presented below in a form similar to a quest in an RPG. Complete each action inside of and receive a unique badge that will only be given to participants of the event.

Feel free to email me directly at or swing by the the Confidist discord channel at and I would be happy to hear from you.

Happy Confiding!
Nicholas & The Confidist Team

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