About Confidist

Hello everyone and thanks for taking an interest in Confidist. This is a web platform for one on one private communication with an impassioned focus on cultural understanding and authenticity. This project was started in October 2018 by Nicholas Schiavi, and continues as a passion project turned start up.

Take a look at this 2 minute youtube video for an understanding behind the motivation of Confidist.

Want to help? I could really use it!

I am looking for volunteer moderators, artists, content creators, community managers, and talented web developers.  If you aren't any of those things but want to help just participate and give feedback!

Want to help even more? Join my initiative on Patreon and receive an exclusive Confidist badge among other perks :)

If you can not afford to support us on Patreon but still want to be a supporting member send me an email at info@confidist.com and I'll let you know more ways you can help!

We also have merchandise up on Redbubble which is a fantastic way to support the project and spread the word.

Feel free to join the Confidist community chat room on Discord if you have any feedback or want to find a missed connection.

Thank you all & Happy Confiding